Based on the IPO Price, gross proceeds of RM25,228,000 will be raised from our Public Issue. The proceeds shall accrue entirely to our Company and are intended to be utilised in the following manner:


Purpose RM'000 % Estimated timeframe for use
(from the listing date)
(i) Establishment of applied learning centres 1,000 4.0 Within two (2) years
(ii) Part-financing of proposed acquisition of publishing businesses 11,500 45.6 Within two (2) years
(iii) Financing of proposed acquisition of an office cum warehouse building 7,000 27.7 Within two (2) years
(iv) Working capital 2,728 10.8 Within one (1) year
(v) Estimated listing expenses 3,000 11.9 Upon Listing
  Total gross proceeds 25,228 100.00  


* Further details of the utilisation of proceeds are set out in Section 3.6 from page 22 to page 23 of Sasbadi Holdings Berhad's Prospectus dated 7 July 2014.